I help parents create profitable online businesses

while raising kids. 

You don't have to choose between your career and your family.  

You can have BOTH!  I remember the day I was sitting in my classroom, teaching amazing kids to read, thinking...how can I not be home doing what I know is best for kids with MY OWN SON?  That year, I resigned...
I decided no matter what, I would find a way to work from home 
AND get to raise my kids.
My husband, Jon, and I started our photography business from scratch and built it to over six figures.  We had time to go fishing, camping, and were living our dream life!  We were life coaching and consulting on the side in: business, education, and personal development.
When our 4-year-old son, Wyatt, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I felt like the floor dropped out from beneath me.  We had to change everything.  Making more in less time was a must if we were going to survive.  Our life became a whirlwind of counting carbs, checking blood sugars, and giving insulin shots.  
Then, our daughter, Abbie, was our biggest surprise and filled our camo world with glitter and sunshine!  We learned that even when you're stretched to the max, there are bigger lessons to learn 
and more fun to be had.
In our efforts to overcome grief, help others, and meet the growing requests from parents, we expanded our coaching and consulting business to new levels with in-person events and automated programs. 
We decided we wanted the best of both time and location freedom to make memories as a family.  So...we laid our dream house and property down to travel full time with our kids 
to almost all of the 50 states and Europe twice.
We teach parents how to create their own high-paying consulting business so they can work anywhere with a cell signal.
More fun, doing what you love, without sacrificing your family!
We are proof it is possible and will teach you how!  Multiple streams of income make you prepared for all the challenges that will come in life!

I teach you how to take your life skills, stories and experiences and turn them into high ticket offers that sell.

My first consulting job paid me $800 to present for 2 hours.  I was paid $14K to train a team in person for 2 days.  I have sold custom programs for over $50K per person and had my clients have their first $100K month.  I am a loving wife, raising amazing kids, cooking, doing laundry, making my house a home, doing all the Super Mom things.  And I'll help you do the same.

I want to speak with Trina Gunzel and start, now!

First, I teach my clients to identify their real purpose.

Everything else will stem from this powerful life theme you will discover through our unique process.

This will ignite that spark within you that has dimmed from your life struggles and challenges and help you see the blessings.

Then, identifying your ideal client, your branding, creating your signature program, sharing your story, enrolling clients, will all be created in doable daily blocks that take less than an hour.

Organization is key and you will learn the foundational building blocks that every successful business owner and CEO has to know!

I have designed simple business solutions to help you go from idea to launch in 6 weeks or less.

As you help people,
You'll build your credibility and confidence,
Your new rate will be $100 per hour,
And you'll enroll your first client in the $2K-$5K range.
You'll have a duplicatable model you can scale to multiple six figures and beyond, without spending a dime on ads.

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Client Stories

Stephanie Chapman, Mindset Mentor for Moms

Darlene Meyers, Licensed Massage Therapist